Tour through Europe

A European tour is the dream of many musicians. Visiting a different country is always fun, but visiting a different country as a musician is even better. You can expect a warm welcome and an unforgettable experience.

Gigstarter holds good contact with venues, from small pubs to professional live stages all over Europe. This offers a wide range of unique opportunities. Gigstarter converts these opportunities into concerts for all the musicians that are part of our PRO member community.

Every musician can arrange an international tour. In fact, there is not much more to it than packing your bag and going on the road with your instrument and just start approaching stages. We encourage this. Musicians of all levels can do this. Not planning too much leaves room for spontaneity, creativity and unexpected experiences. A little preparation can offer a lot of advantages though.

What happens when you inform Gigstarter that you will be touring Europe?

Venues Our network in the music industry will know about your plans. Local pubs, restaurants, venues and festivals will be able to approach you easily.
Fans You'll be in our news items that reach potential fans in the countries you’ll be playing. More fans never hurt.
Artists: Co-artists know that you will be in town. Who knows what will happen? A jamsession, a partnerships or maybe even some concerts together with a local band or dj could follow.

A Gigstarter profile as a musician

The advantage of a Gigstarter profile is that anyone can get insight into the way your live performances are. A website visitor can listen to three demo tapes and can view a live performance to get a feel of your show. If you aren’t registered yet you can register for free by choosing your country from the list below.

If your country is not amongst the options yet, or you do not come from Europe, then sign up as a guest-musician by sending us an email.

I want to tour!

Soon you’ll be able to inform us by logging into the dashboard in your country. For now just send us your itinerary with dates, or your wishes together with a link of your profile. Let’s see what’s possible!