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Gigstarter is the online marketplace for live music bookings. We offer an insightful and transparent overview of the range of bands, DJs and solo-artists from all over Europe.

Specifically, aims to facilitate cross-pollination between different countries when it comes to booking live music. We support bookers when it comes to organising concerts of international artists by looking at more performance opportunities to spread the costs.

We invite bookers both from Europe as well as from outside of Europe to book unique European bands, ensembles, DJs and solo-artists. If you are looking for artists to come and play outside Europe contact us.

You are a musician and you want to make a tour through Europe? Send us an email and tell us when you will be traveling through Europe. Gigstarter will communicate to those countries when you’ll be in town. Connected stages, bookers and fans that are interested will be able to contact you. Touring Europe has never been so easy! If you live in Europe read more about the options on the Tour through Europe page.

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You live in Europe and you are looking for international live music? Visit the local Gigstarter website in your country to check out the bands, ensembles, DJs and solo artists that are able and willing to travel abroad.

In your country Gigstarter offers you insight in the variety of musicians that is available for a concert. You can check out the availability and request a quote. Booking musicians is easy because you are in direct contact with local and international musicians.