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On Gigstarter you can subscribe you band, ensemble, DJ or solo-act for free. Choose the country below to subscribe depending on where you’re based (most of the time).

More than bookings

Gigstarter isn't only a channel for acquisition of nice and unique concerts. Many artists use Gigstarter as a booking management tool, that is, to organise themselves. The agenda function; the offer; the confirmation and the review, are important elements for this. As a result a profile will start looking more and more like a live music CV. We know for example that professional bookers like to evaluate if they want to book a band with an elaborate view of a Gigstarter profile because all a booker needs to know is presented on the profile in a clear way.

Type of musicians

Many types of artists subscribe. From classical music ensembles to pop-rock bands or house DJs to singer-songwriters. Also celebrated artists make use of Gigstarter, sometimes people find it difficult to show what they ask for a concert, but transparency is key in the world of today. At least that is our philosophy and fortunately we see that this has a positive effect: people see what they can book; don’t waste each other’s time if a booking is impossible; as a result the barrier is removed and more bookings come about.

EU and beyond

In first instance Gigstarter is aimed at arranging local gigs. Little by little we generate more opportunities within Europe. For the system to work best it is advised to subscribe in the country where you’re based. If you want to join our platform as an artist but don’t live in the countries listed below, don’t hesitate to send an email to or call us at +31 (0)20 747 0056.

Managers and Agents

Gigstarter is not only used by independent artists. The open platform is also used by managers and (local) booking-agents. We don’t ask any booking fees so there aren’t any downsides. Gigstarter can and should be seen as a medium, just like e-mail, facebook or any other means of accessibility and communication. We offer special accounts for Managers and booking agents. These can be see on the local websites under the PRO-membership options.

No hassle. Just music.

Where are you based?

From the list of flags below, choose the country where you’re based as a band, ensemble, DJ or solo-artist.